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My Beacons

50Mhz Beacon

IZ1EPM/B was buit in 2003 and for five years was located near the small city of Bra, over S. Matteo hill (420m.asl), at 55km S/E from Turin.
From 28'th november 2008 it was transfer in a new location, at 34km N/W of Turin, over a 628m.asl hill, with a good take off from 40 to 200deg. for send an opportunity to being listened also in tropo conditions.
In 2010 it was transfer again in actually location JN35WD in a small hill around Chivasso city, 28Km N/E of Turin, with great 360deg. take off
It's working usually 24h a day on 50019Khz +/- 100Hz, with 12w RF power in a Comet vertical 5/8 wave antenna GH-50 and use a Kenwood TS-680s transceiver, all equipments donated me from DAE Telecommunications, one of most popular Ham resellers in Italy.
The automatic keyer was made for me by IW1AVR Roby one of my older friends and my teacher, old time ago, when was born my ham passion.

28Mhz Beacon

The beacon IZ1EPM/B on 10m band was buit in 2012 spring in same 50Mhz beacon location.
It's working 24h a day on 28173Khz +/100Hz with 20w RF power in a vertical 1/2 wave antenna and use a dedicated Kenwood TS-680s transceiver donated me from DAE Telecommunications, and use an automatic keyer made me by IW1AVR Roby.

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