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My Setup

I'm workin with two stations in two different location in Turin
one is operated in local and one in remote.

Current setup in local QTH :

- IC-7851 for HF operations used with HEIL Microphone PR-781G
- IC-7610 for 50MHz opertion and HF backup
- IC-9700 for VHF & UHF with HEIL Headset PRO7
- ITB Silent TWO 2Kw Solid State Amplifier for HF
- ITB SILENT ONE 1Kw Solid State Amplifier for 5oMHz and HF backup
- ITB ATLAS 1200 SILENT 1.2Kw Solid State Amplifier for 144MHz

- UB-640 v1.3 Dynamic Yagi by UltraBeam, 3el. 6-20m + full size   folded dipole on 30-40m
- 6el. 50MHz LFA by G0KSC
- 144MHz PA144-9-5A Yagi by YU1CF
- Vertical Comet GP15 1,80mt (50-144-432Mhz)
- Vertical Diamond X50  1,70mt (144-432Mhz)

Current setup in remote QTH :

- IC-7610 for 50Mhz opertion used with HEIL Microphone PR-781G
- IC-9700 for VHF & UHF
- IC-9300 For HF & 50Mhz backup
- SPE 2K-FA Solid State Amplifier for HF & 50Mhz

- UB-50 3el 6-20m Dynamic Yagi by UltraBeam + full size dipole 30-40m
- 7el. 50Mhz LFA by G0KSC
- 144-432Mhz Dual Band Yagi by DK7ZB
- Vertical Comet GP15 1,80mt (50-144-432Mhz)
- Vertical SIRIO ANTENNE CX 4-68 U (70Mhz)
- Vertical Diamond X50  1,70mt (144-432Mhz)

For working Remote :

I have listen Ray W2RE for a long time and was fascinated by his remote operations.
In 2020 purchased the ICOM RSBA1 utility software to start experiencies remoting my IC-7610
Replaced the old control box with the remotizable EA4TX's control box to command my G400Rc rotator.
Installed the remote control software for my Ultrabeam UB50 and my SPE 2K.FA amplifier and i was ready to start my new "game".
Sometime you can receive me by remote, with my voice, cw or digital modes, it's funny for you dont know where i'm located.....
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