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My Setup

Currently shack in Turin :

- IC-7851 for HF operations used with HEIL Microphone PR-781G
- IC-7700 for 50Mhz opertion and HF backup
- IC-9700 for VHF & UHF and 50Mhz backup
- IC-7100 for 70Mhz operations and VHF & UHF backup
- IC-7300 50-70Mhz backup
- SPE-2K Solid State PA for HF & 50Mhz

Antenna setup :

- UB-50 Active Yagi by UltraBeam - 3el. between 6m to 20m and    full size single dipole on 30m e 40m
- 7el. 50Mhz LFA by G0KSC
- 144-432Mhz Dual Band Yagi by DK7ZB
- Vertical Comet GP15 1,80mt (50-144-432Mhz)
- Vertical SIRIO ANTENNE CX 4-68 U (70Mhz)
- Vertical Diamond X50  1,70mt (144-432Mhz)

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