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My Story

I'm born as radio amateur in 1990 with callsign IW1DIM, a special license class that in Italy allow to working from VHF to SHF running 10W max power.
In october 1997, when the italian Telecommunications Ministry has recognized 50Mhz as VHF initial frequency limit, i began the most beautifull experience of my ham's life.
In march 2002 i have exceeded the CW examinations and have upgrated my license in A class with possibility to work all frequency bands allowed in Italy and also my callsign was changed in the actually IZ1EPM.

I'm member of the following groups and associations :

- ARI Italian Amateur Association
- ARRL American Radio Relay League
- UKSMG United Kingdom Six Metre Group
- Six Meters World Wide Dx Club

         My first equipment
         Yaesu FL50 & FR50
         today still in my hands
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